Transinvest-Resource is part of TransInvest group of companies and provides a truly comprehensive range of consulting services to the resource industry in regards of new technologies, equipment and management practices.

The series of successful workshops and seminars for the last 10 years have been organised for mining sector companies to learn new practices and world achievements in the areas of management and new technologies in mining and material processing.

 Automation of mining processes and increase in mining efficiency are the most important issues currently facing mining companies. Transinvest Resource specialists through its working experience have defined the most appropriate mine automation technology providers that can supply mine and control automation solution for all of the mining assets in open pit and underground mining.

We also developed an approach where the savings made on cost of production will pay for the implementation of the automation solution within 3 years.

As part of Transinvest group we can organise new equipment finance using the best available cost. We are independent company and do not to lobby interests of any manufacturers or engineering groups trying to sell their equipment.

We help to attract finance to add more capacity to existing projects and also starting new projects in mining.